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The most beloved and trusted method of cannabis use and cannabis consumption is smoking flower. It consists of puffing on a joint or blunt and is as iconic as it is enjoyable to the daily marijuana smoker. Cannabis flower is amazing and brings us back to our roots.

Weed Flower, How to Use, & Culture

Cannabis has been used by humans throughout the world for centuries, and for varying purposes. Cannabis is a plant that can thrive in many environments, even in your home. Cannabis flower is an amazing plant.

Grinding up and smoking flower has remained the most broadly used consumption of the plant. Extracts and cannabis concentrates are our biggest top sellers and come in the form of cannabis rosin, hash, kief, tinctures, resin, oils, wax, dabs and distillates.

Why Use Cannabis Flower?

Smoking flower is among the simplest ways to consume and reap the benefits of marijuana. Weed accessories for this method of smoking such as blunts, lighters, joint papers, pipes and bongs are accessible to anyone of age. The effects of consuming flower are fairly fast-acting.

How To Use Cannabis Flower?

Sticky cannabis flower is a common occurrence. For this reason you might want to try using a metal grinder to grind up your weed.

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